Mauritius is the perfect blend of beautiful beaches, exciting adventure activities, a rich culture and friendly people.

Did you know?
1. Mauritius is formed as a result of volcanic activity in the Indian ocean years ago
2. The Dodo, which is the national bird of Mauritius, is an extinct species of flightless bird, which was a resident centuries ago. Dodo’s where found only on this island and nowhere else in the world.


Le Morne


One of the best beaches in Mauritius, with a glorious view of sunsets, white sand beaches have a special appeal and visually the Le Morne beach does not let one down in that regard.

Pamplemousses Garden


A dream garden for an explorer’s mind. Considered as one of the oldest tropical gardens in the world, Pamplemousses Garden reflects the natural evolution and history of Mauritius

Swimming with Wild Dolphins and Whale Watching


Mauritius offers a chance to swim with wild dolphins and observe Humpback or Sperm whales in their natural

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